Data protection in churches and religious associations

We will also explain which provisions from churches or religious associations or which governmental provisions take precedence.

Based on the churches’ right of self-determination, churches in Germany are entitled to set up their own rules regarding data protection. They collect personal data from a large number of citizens. If you are, e.g., the director of an ecclesiastical institution which is subject to the Anordnung über den kirchlichen Datenschutz (KDO) [Decree on church-related data protection] or the Datenschutz der Evangelischen Kirche Deutschlands (DSG-EKD) [Data Protection of the Protestant Church in Germany], we are happy to explain which competing rule of other provisions issued by the church or by the state prevails. We also have extensive expert knowledge with respect to the duty of confidentiality, which is provided for in the criminal law provisions, and which takes precedence over the KDO.