Data protection management system “PrivacyPilot”

The PrivacyPilot is a browser-based data protection management system developed by Scheja & Partner.

Meeting documentation and accountability obligations with a proper data protection management system

The law requires organizations that work with personal data to provide comprehensive documentation and accountability. If they fail to comply with these legal obligations, fines of up to 20 million Euro or up to 4% of the annual turnover achieved worldwide in the previous financial year are threatened. An appropriate data protection management system, such as our self-developed PrivacyPilot, helps organizations to meet their legal obligations.

Data protection management system PrivacyPilot: Intuitive and independent of location

You do not need any separate software for our data protection management system PrivacyPilot: It is cloud-based. All you need to access the PrivacyPilot is an Internet browser. You can use it to document, for example, records of processing activities, risk assessments, data protection impact assessments or Privacy by Design/Privacy by Default measures. Since you always keep your documentation centrally in one place, the time-consuming and often confusing storage and administration of individual documents is no longer necessary.

You can process your documents in our data protection management system PrivacyPilot simultaneously by several users and store them in real time. The structure of the tool is similar to Microsoft Excel, so that you do not need much training. The PrivacyPilot is very intuitive and can be operated in just a few steps.

Import and export of documents with our data protection management system PrivacyPilot

With our data protection management system you can easily import documents and thus take over an already existing documentation of processing activities with just a few clicks, as long as it is available in Microsoft Excel format.

Just as easily you can export your documentation with the PrivacyPilot in Microsoft Excel format to make them available to authorized persons for reviewing or further processing, such as modifying an existing processing activity or adding a new one. After successful processing, you can easily upload the Excel file again in the PrivacyPilot using the import function, without the need of granting access to the system to someone else.

High practical suitability with well thought-out functionalities: Our data protection management system PrivacyPilot

Differentiated rights and role management allows you to restrict access to documentation in the data protection management system PrivacyPilot as required for the respective users. The comment function makes it easier for users to communicate with each other and to coordinate their actions when filling the documentation. The history function enables complete and audit-proof documentation. If you are looking for specific content, you can use filters to display the relevant content from the data protection management system and output corresponding reports. In this way, if your record of processing activities is requested by a supervisory authority, the PrivacyPilot enables you to meet your accountability at the push of a button.

Data Protection Management System PrivacyPilot: Made and hosted in Germany

Scheja & Partner has developed the data protection management system PrivacyPilot in cooperation with an established Munich software house for data management. It is under constant development and runs in a high-security data center in Frankfurt, Germany, which has a redundant infrastructure.

You can learn more about the PrivacyPilot in our introductory video: