Legal advice on data protection

We are lawyers who advise on all issues relating to data protection law. By implementing practicable standards and measures, we can ensure that our clients’ data processing activities comply with the law.

Data protection requirements are getting more and more complex and require advice provided by experts specially trained in this field. Bad data protection advice may result in costs that may be substantial. With respect to risky processing activities, advisor liability has become a more and more important criterium in order to curtail and/or shift liability risks.

All of our lawyers undergo a specialized data protection education and obtain a certification as data protection officer. We always provide advice to our clients by means of an entire team of lawyers, in order to guarantee that advice is provided on an ongoing basis by means of experts who are familiar both with the legal matter in question as well as with the specific requirements of the client. The composition of the team depends on the client’s individual requirements, and a team will usually include a client matter coordinator, a client matter director, and an additional client matter employee. The advice that is provided by the client matter team on an ongoing basis enables a cooperation that is based on trust and that allows for short communication channels and fast response times. In this respect, quick and unbureaucratic solutions are crucial. As data protection lawyers, we try to put suitable and practicable framework conditions in place for our clients, so that our clients are able to carry out their core business in a free and unobstructed way, to the maximum extent that this is possible, while simultaneously complying with the mandatory standards prescribed by statutory law. In the event that incorrect advice or flawed advice was provided, we are, in general, liable up to an amount of EUR 10,000,000.00 for each individual claim. As to consultations that are particularly risky, higher liability amounts may be agreed upon in individual cases.