Legal advice on data protection

We are lawyers who provide advice on data protection law to ensure that our clients’ data processing activities comply with the law.

Professional advice on data protection by Scheja & Partner

Increasingly complex data protection requirements call for comprehensive advice on data protection from specially trained experts. No advice or poor advice can have serious consequences in the form of fines and damage to the reputation of the organization. This applies in particular to high-risk processing activities, such as processing of sensitive personal data, which require comprehensive data protection advice due to their relevance to the rights and freedoms of the data subjects.

The law firm Scheja & Partner advises exclusively in the area of data protection law. For this reason, our lawyers are highly specialized and have many years of experience in this complex legal field. Our clients can rely on the fact that our lawyers are familiar with legal peculiarities in the context of data protection, react promptly to current legal requirements and develop practical solutions.

Legal advice on data protection from a team of specially trained lawyers

Scheja & Partner usually advises its clients with a team of attorneys who are familiar with the respective mandate and its specific requirements, thus ensuring continuous, individual advice. The selection of the team providing advice on data protection is based on the specific requirements of the respective client. The team consists of at least three attorneys: a client coordinator, a client leader and another attorney.

All attorneys at Scheja & Partner have undergone special data protection training and are certified as data protection officers by recognised bodies. This guarantees expert advice on data protection taking into account legal and regulatory requirements as well as court decisions.

Trustworthy cooperation within the scope of legal advice on data protection

Scheja & Partner offers continuous data protection advice, which enables a long-term and trustful cooperation with short communication channels and fast response times. Scheja & Partner supports its clients in implementing and complying with legal requirements in an uncomplicated and practical way.

The data protection attorneys at Scheja & Partner help their clients to implement the legally required standards within the framework of professional advice on data protection, so that their clients can pursue their core business as freely and focused as possible, taking into account data protection requirements.

Professional advice on data protection minimizes liability risks

Due to the strict requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the liability of consultants is becoming increasingly relevant for the containment and shifting of liability risks. Data processing operations that are subject to high risks due to their innovative nature or the extent to which sensitive data is processed are in the focus of the supervisory authorities and therefore require professional advice on data protection. In the event of incorrect or poor advice, Scheja & Partner is regularly liable for up to 10 million Euro in individual cases. A higher amount of liability can be agreed separately for particularly risky advice on data protection.

Advice on data protection as external data protection officer

The service portfolio of Scheja & Partner not only includes comprehensive and sound advice on data protection. Scheja & Partner also exercises the function of data protection officer for their clients.